I have a stage name.
I make a wicked Oaxacan old fashioned.
I probably designed the clothes I am wearing. 
I go on crazy, around-the-world adventures, by myself.
I can tell you exactly where each and every American and Canadian oyster hails from.
For a girl who has never been able to successfully pull off any form of fashionable headgear, it is safe to say that I wear a plethora of figurative hats. It’s not that I am searching for a good fit, but simply that I fall in love with too many. To the naked eye, my interests and expertise may seem disconnected – but upon simple inspection, a singular common thread exists: I love making things. The delight I feel when writing a song is equivalent to that when I am baking a dark chocolate tart, revamping a vintage dress from the thrift store or illustrating a tasting guide for north American sea crustaceans; it all gives me the same high. Much like an adrenaline junkie who can’t keep their body away from roller coasters, I cannot help but chase the prideful, accomplished feeling that accompanies making something from nothing.
Over the years, I have found plenty of ways to get my creative fix. However, despite my varied professional past as a songwriter, dancer, bartender, clothing designer and travel guru, art direction is the thing that best suits my daylight hours. The creative high is plentiful and the sandbox is wide. Most importantly, it is the space where all of my beloved side hustles get to live together. If you are in the market for an art director who genuinely loves the work (and can occasionally write a killer headline), shoot me an email and let’s get making. 
Camille Sudekum